What Else Can I Do to Help Protect my Data on a Mobile Phone?

Apps like WaveSecure can give you an extra layer of security by providing the facility to lock down your lost or stolen phone, erase the SD card or remove certain permissions. They can also help locate your phone and then restore much of its contents if recovered. WaveSecure costs $20 for a yearly subscription (although [...]

Laptops versus iPads – an Ongoing Battle

From the time the first ever computer was launched, each and every year, a new product that’s presumably revolutionary is released into the market. From time to time, there is something fresh to look forward to in the technology industry and that product actually gets to transform things in one way or the other. And [...]

Help! I Accidentally Deleted a File

It happens all the time, especially after a long day of work. You’re cleaning up your desktop and the next thing you know the file you’ve worked on all day is gone. Before you start to panic, remember that there are ways to recover the file. Whether the file is still in the recycling bin [...]

What Can +1 Do For You?

Have you seen that new little button popping up on the page you visit? The “+1?” It’s often right next to the “like” on Facebook button, or the “tweet” on Twitter one. The +1 allows you to show your support for a link via Google+. Just when you’re getting overwhelmed by social networking, Google comes [...]

Computers and Your Children -Four Ways to Stay Involved

Childrearing has always had its challenges, but in the Internet age, the term “knowing where your kids are at all times” takes on an entirely new meaning. A lot of parents think that as long as they’ve got their kids under their own roof and the nanny software is installed, they’ve got nothing to worry [...]

Top 5 YouTube to Mp3 Websites

If you’ve come across a version of a song on YouTube you can’t otherwise acquire, such as a live or in-studio recording, consider using a YouTube to MP3 service to download it. This procedure rips the audio track from any YouTube video, so you aren’t limited to music. But which service should you use? In [...]

Differences Between The LCD And LED TV

Buying a television in the modern world can be quite a daunting task.  Technological advancements have been made in so many areas that even the most knowledgeable techie can be left unsure over which model is the right one for them.  On a more basic level the technophobes amongst us can be confused over the [...]

Google I/O 2011: All Android Talk Video’s

Google I/O 2011: All Android Talk Videos English | H264 1213kbps | 1280×720 29.9fps | AAC 44.1Khz | 12.46 GB Android beginner’s Guide This session will present some of the basic concepts involved in Android development. Beginning with an overview of the API SDK available for developers, we will work through simple code examples that [...]