Google I/O 2011: All Android Talk Video’s

Google I/O 2011: All Android Talk Videos
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Android beginner’s Guide
This session will present some of the basic concepts involved in Android development. Beginning with an overview of the API SDK available for developers, we will work through simple code examples that explore some of the most common user features including using sensors, maps and Geolocation.
Writing of the games in real-time for Android redux
This session is an intensive course of Android game development: everything you need to know to start to write 2D and 3D, as well as tips and tricks, games and benchmarks to help your code to achieve optimal performance. In addition, we will discuss hot topics related to the development of video games, including physical differences between devices, using C ++ to write games Android and the features of the most popular games on the market.
The world of ListView
ListView is one of the most widely used Android widgets, but also more complex. Join us to learn how to master the ListView and learn all about the features, optimizations, quirks and limitations.
Casting a wide net: how to target all Android devices
One of the strong points of the Android is its flexibility to run on a wide variety of devices. In this session, we explore the facilities that the Android resource system provides developers to many devices of traps more easily, and binary common application support. In addition to the heterogeneity of materials, more than one version of Android can exist in the wild at a given time. We will be on strategies for cross-version compatibility.
Android UI design patterns
In this session, the user experience team Android show the types of templates, that you can use to create a great Android application. We will cover such things as the use of Titlebars Interactive, quick Contacts, and the bottom bar and some new models that will get an I / O single overview. The team will be also available for a no holds barred a session issues.
Client application development is Android
This session will present the architectural considerations to develop RESTful applications on the Android platform. It focuses on the design models, the integration of the platform and performance issues specific to the Android platform.
A JIT for Android’s Dalvik VM compiler
In this session, we will outline the design of a JIT compiler suitable for embedded devices Android. Topics will include an architectural overview, the rationale for the decisions of design and special support for JIT verification, testing and tuning.
Writing zippy Android apps
Hear tips and stories on making rapid and flexible of war (aka “non-janky”) Android apps. No ANRs more! Eliminate the loop event booths! Quick start! Optimized database queries with a minimum of I / O! Also, Discover tools and techniques that we use to find performance problems in the system and hear what is happening in the future.
Advanced audio technical Android.
In this session, we will explore advanced techniques that you can use in your applications when you are working with the media. This includes using low-level audio APIs for Android, choose the format appropriate for your multimedia files, and what is now possible with the new framework of media API introduced in Android 2.2.
Development of push for Android applications
Are you building cloud-based apps for Android but wonder how you can avoid polling and enable the push feature? This session will present the cloud new Android device Messaging framework, showing you how you can integrate the mobile alert compelling, send-to-phone and two-way synchronization feature push in your Android applications.

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