Deluxe Moon v1.43 Android Apk App

Deluxe Moon v1.43 (1.43) Android Apk App | 5.06 MB

The Moon Deluxe v1.43 (1.43) Android Apk App. 5.06 MB

Requirements: operating system Android 1.6 +.

Overview: Moon Deluxe – learn how the Moon Phases affect your life

Moon Deluxe is a beautifully designed with an innovative design Lunar moon. Applying traditional lunar themes combines modern technology to bring you the best: style, from the convenience of the Moon in a pocket and a feature-rich interface.
Take advantage of the phases of the Moon for your location, touch-n-tour the moon to change the date. Browse moon phase calendar or switch to Zodiac calendar. Find out when the next phase of the Moon is. Relax with automatic GPS location or set any location, the date and time manually.
There are links between the Moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Discover the new amazing relationships with application of moon Deluxe!

What is in this version:

Diagram of brightness of the Moon Scrollable.
Sun and moon rise and set the time table.
Monthly moon phase table.
Diagram menu: tap on the image of the moon to enable it.
Time intervals accurate when the Moon is empty of course.
Sidereal time.
Context reduces the CPU usage to keep the battery. Let us know if you experience problems with the battery life.
Help with garden descriptions are now also in German.

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