Help! I Accidentally Deleted a File

It happens all the time, especially after a long day of work. You’re cleaning up your desktop and the next thing you know the file you’ve worked on all day is gone. Before you start to panic, remember that there are ways to recover the file. Whether the file is still in the recycling bin or the recycling bin has been emptied, you can recover the file.

Help! I Accidentally Deleted a File

Check the Recycling Bin

In most cases, unless you’ve emptied the bin, your file will be in the recycling bin. Once you open the bin, and find your file, right click on the file and choose Restore. This will restore the file to its previous location.

Check the Recycling Bin

Look in the Trash

If you deleted an email, try searching the trash bin before closing your email program. Once you find the file, choose to move it to the inbox. This needs to be done right away as some email programs empty the trash bin quite frequently and may empty the bin once the program is closed.

Use File Recovery Software

If the recycling and trash bins have already been emptied, you may still be able to locate the file. File recovery software can make deleted files easier to find. However, you need to use this software before you shutdown your computer. If the computer is shutdown, the hard drive may write over the file to make space for other data. There are a number of programs on the market and some even allow you to use the program for free to find the first few files. You will be able to search for files based on the file’s name or file type. You should be wary of free programs and research to see if the programs are legit or spyware. Also remember that in most cases software that costs thousands of dollars will not be necessary. This more expensive software is usually used by companies that have lost large batches of files.

A deleted file can definitely be cause for concern, especially if this is a file for work on school. However, there’s no need to panic. There are a number ways to recover files and you may find your file easily by searching the recycling or trash bins. If you do need to install file recovery software, you may be able to find software for free, but always research the product to make sure it doesn’t contain spyware or viruses.

About the Author: Willene McGlawn is a computer repair specialist who knows how to recover files from just about any source. She also enjoys studying web security and web design.

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