What Can +1 Do For You?

Have you seen that new little button popping up on the page you visit? The “+1?” It’s often right next to the “like” on Facebook button, or the “tweet” on Twitter one. The +1 allows you to show your support for a link via Google+. Just when you’re getting overwhelmed by social networking, Google comes [...]

Who Is Getting The Money From That Smartphone Of Yours?

If you have seen the phrase “trillion dollars” associated with the mobile industry, you were not imagining things. The fastest growing industry on the planet is the mobile telecoms industry. But how is all that money being sliced up? Read on to find out who is raking in the dough in mobile here in this [...]

Computers and Your Children -Four Ways to Stay Involved

Childrearing has always had its challenges, but in the Internet age, the term “knowing where your kids are at all times” takes on an entirely new meaning. A lot of parents think that as long as they’ve got their kids under their own roof and the nanny software is installed, they’ve got nothing to worry [...]

iPad Review- For Techies

If you’re a techie, finding the scoop behind the iPad is definitely going to make a big difference in your purchasing decision. This device definitely has the cool tech gadget factor that you’re looking for, but whether it will be useful or not is definitely something to think about. Most of the information out there [...]

Will the “New Ipad” Help Your Career?

The iPad 3 was created with an abundance of new features. The latest gadget from Apple will have 4G LTE capability, a larger screen, a camera that will take photos and videos in 1080p, and the use of Siri, to name a few.   Many people today are using their iPads for work-related tasks, such [...]

5 Great iPad Games to Play

In the app market, you can’t get past the thousands of games that are available for iPad. Even if you’ve made this purchase for business use, it can still be a lot of fun to have a few games on hand when you’ve got a little downtime. Before you go sorting through the endless apps [...]

What Else Can I Do to Help Protect my Data on a Mobile Phone?

Apps like WaveSecure can give you an extra layer of security by providing the facility to lock down your lost or stolen phone, erase the SD card or remove certain permissions. They can also help locate your phone and then restore much of its contents if recovered. WaveSecure costs $20 for a yearly subscription (although [...]

Apple iPad: Valuable DJ Accessory or Flash Fad?

Today’s disk jockeys (DJs) face unique challenges when attempting to fuse the control of vinyl disks and the convenience of digital audio. Each year, new software and USB devices are engineered with the intent of providing an exceptional spinning experience; however, they have yet to deliver an optimal alternative to classic turntables. Digital DJ rigs [...]

Laptops versus iPads – an Ongoing Battle

From the time the first ever computer was launched, each and every year, a new product that’s presumably revolutionary is released into the market. From time to time, there is something fresh to look forward to in the technology industry and that product actually gets to transform things in one way or the other. And [...]

Help! I Accidentally Deleted a File

It happens all the time, especially after a long day of work. You’re cleaning up your desktop and the next thing you know the file you’ve worked on all day is gone. Before you start to panic, remember that there are ways to recover the file. Whether the file is still in the recycling bin [...]