Computers and Your Children -Four Ways to Stay Involved

Childrearing has always had its challenges, but in the Internet age, the term “knowing where your kids are at all times” takes on an entirely new meaning. A lot of parents think that as long as they’ve got their kids under their own roof and the nanny software is installed, they’ve got nothing to worry about. Now, I’m sure your kids are perfect saints, but for the sake of making this interesting, let’s assume they’re running a bazaar of digital opiates. Actually, let’s not even go that far. Let’s just say they haven’t finished their homework when they say they have.

Computers and Your Children -Four Ways to Stay Involved

Computers and Your Children -Four Ways to Stay Involved

Increased monitoring and discipline is not the only thing the Internet brings to your household. By using a network attached storage device to act as a hub for all storage in your home network, you can essentially monitor what your kids download and create within your own home. Now, hold on. Before you go accusing us of encouraging you to set up a totalitarian regime, let’s remember that the best way to keep your kids out of trouble is to be involved in their lives. Using a network attached storage device as a central server allows you to be involved in the following ways:

1. Create a central hub for homework files.

This allows each member of your family to access and view what everyone else is working on. This way, you can efficiently make sure your kids are completing their work on time. More importantly, you can set up a household collaborative network where you can provide help for your children’s projects and papers.

2. Keep tabs on your children’s stored files. 

Now, let us remind you: with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t go rifling through their digital personal effects without just cause.

3. Prevent software piracy in your home. 

While my eighteen-year-old Napster-loving self would probably disown me if he knew I was writing this, it is a bad idea to allow your children to store illegally obtained music, video and software on any machine in your house.

4. Allow file sharing of family mementos.

This can be things like the (legally obtained) Beatles anthology you all love, pictures from last year’s trip to Italy, school video projects and the collection of LOL cats you all post on each others’ Facebook walls.

As the cyber realm becomes an interactive space that is inhabited constantly, it only makes sense to be part of your children’s virtual reality as much as you are a part of their normal reality.


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