What is News Feed and Wall on Facebook

wondering what is the difference between News Feed and Wall on Facebook. There were many people what actually, I would like to know the difference. News Feed was a fairly new addition while the wall was something everyone was used to once Facebook launched News Feed the Wall began to play a supporting role, so [...]

Once You Go Blu-Ray, You Never Go Back

When Blu-ray first arrived on the scene in 2006, tech reviewers were already predicting its demise as it had to contend with the HD DVD format. Even though that war was won, reviewers in 2008 expected Blu-ray to die out by 2012, as its higher price tag would not allow it to compete with DVD [...]

Auto Owners – Have Your Battery Checked For Winter Driving

It May Be Time To Replace That Car Battery   Whir, whir , whir.  Will your car, truck or SUV start come the coldest days of January?  Few motorists and auto owners give their auto battery much thought.  Yet come the dead of winter and the long wait for the motor league wrecker tow truck [...]

Tips To Successful Weight Loss

There are lots of tips and methods out there telling people how to lose weight. Some are good, some are bad. What is more important initially is the will of the individual to want to lose the weight. Think about your motives. Are you trying to regain control of your health? Or are you just [...]

Differences Between The LCD And LED TV

Buying a television in the modern world can be quite a daunting task.  Technological advancements have been made in so many areas that even the most knowledgeable techie can be left unsure over which model is the right one for them.  On a more basic level the technophobes amongst us can be confused over the [...]

Is Your Car Safe?

Nobody wants to be in a car crash, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about car safety. Driving a car that is well-made and has lots of safety features will ensure that, should the worst happen, you have a chance of getting out of a bad situation relatively unscathed. Think of it as [...]

The Advantages of Getting Online Shopping Completed Early

It is no doubt going to be a very busy season for online shopping with the holiday season upon us and Christmas fast approaching. Running up to this time of year there is often an online shopping frenzy and many stores struggle to meet the demands placed upon them by online shoppers. In fact, in [...]

Top Tips for Driving During the Winter

Top Tips for Driving During the Winter Driving during the winter can be an upsetting and difficult experience. Thousands of people crash every year while driving during the winter. These crashes often cause expensive repairs and increased insurance premiums. Winter car crashes can also be fatal, killing hundreds of people every year. Driving during winter [...]

5 Popular Cars That Are Difficult to Insure

Everyone expects that exotic sports cars and luxury cars can be a nightmare to insure, but what about popular every day cars? The Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI) compiles relative levels of insurance loss risk for each vehicle on the market, taking into account such areas as personal injury, liability, collision and medical payments; their [...]

7 Tips to Help You Master Your iPad

Well, you have your iPad. You’ve probably been spending hours on it. You might treat it like it’s your first born child. If you are, you definitely love your iPad. Who can blame you? If you really love your iPad, here are some tips to help you become an iPad ninja. Now that you own [...]