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7 Tips to Help You Master Your iPad

Well, you have your iPad. You’ve probably been spending hours on it. You might treat it like it’s your first born child. If you are, you definitely love your iPad. Who can blame you? If you really love your iPad, here are some tips to help you become an iPad ninja. Now that you own the coolest technology, you want to show others the cool tricks that you can do with your iPad.


1. Password protect. If you have an iPad that has a lot of sensitive material on it, iPad has now enabled a feature that deletes all of your data after someone tries to break into your iPad 10 times. If you are prone to forgetting your password, it’s probably not a good idea to enable this feature.

2. Home Sharing. This helps you have all of your devices on the same page. All you have to do, is to turn on the Home Sharing in your iTunes and on your iPad. It will save you some time if you want to listen to a friends playlist.

3. Meter and Focus. On the camera app, you can tap the subject in the screen, and you can focus on the subject in the picture. The meter is also utilized while you are focusing your picture. It’s a pretty handy device for those that love to take pictures.

4. Don’t use zoom. As temping as it might be?the iPad has a 5x digital zoom?don’t do it. It makes your photos come out in low quality. Just make sure that you get closer to the photo or crop it after you take the photo.

5. Get a good grip on your iPad. Like most, you probably hold the iPad by the sides. But, if you are taking a picture, it will rotate and put the shutter on the bottom?making it harder for you to take a photo. Make sure to use the orientation lock so you can easy access it.

6. FaceTime. FaceTime is a great thing to use with your iPad. You can drag your picture window around the screen so you can see the person that you are talking to.

7. Mess around with iMovie. When you start playing around with iMovie, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, you will get it quickly! Keep in mind that iMovie sometimes mutes clips when there are two different audio tracks. Make sure that you double-tap the clip. This will give you more options with your clip.



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