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5 Popular Cars That Are Difficult to Insure


Everyone expects that exotic sports cars and luxury cars can be a nightmare to insure, but what about popular every day cars? The Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI) compiles relative levels of insurance loss risk for each vehicle on the market, taking into account such areas as personal injury, liability, collision and medical payments; their results may come as something of a surprise. Here are five popular vehicles where drivers may be paying more for insurance than expected:

Scion TC

With a 2.5 liter engine putting out 180bhp and a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds the tC is no slouch. Scion’s marketing for the tC is aimed squarely at drivers on the more youthful end of the spectrum; unfortunately the tC tops the HLDI’s list of worst loss risk for all coverages. Young drivers may be disappointed by how much they have to pay for insurance on this model.

Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

That the Cobalt features on this list at all is quite unexpected. However, with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety scoring the Cobalt as poor in side-impact crash tests, and a recall of 98000 Cobalts in 2007 for falling below federal safety standards for trim padding, insurance loss risk for this model is high for bodily injury liability and medical payment coverage making the Cobalt harder to insure than its immediate competitors like the Honda Civic.

Suzuki SX4

The cheapest AWD car on the market, the trendy crossover SX4 may not seem such a bargain when insurance premiums are taken into account. Collision losses for this model are very high, and although crash test results would suggest otherwise and are actually quite good for a small car, personal injury and bodily injury liability losses are also high, suggesting the higher cost of insurance for the SX4 is due to the driving habits of SX4 owners.

Mitsubishi Lancer

An iconic car among rally driving enthusiasts where the Lancer Evolution has been highly successful, the Lancer is still regarded as something of a driver’s car despite having a. A combination of poor side impact crash test ratings and higher collision losses than the Porsche 911 Turbo make insuring the Lancer more difficult than any other small four-door model.

Dodge Charger

This popular aggressively styled rear wheel drive sedan may be a blast to drive, and is growing increasingly popular with Police Departments nationwide, but it has substantially worse than average insurance loss results in five out of six insurance coverage categories so it can be difficult to insure this modern muscle car. Interestingly, the Charger HEMI model with the 5.7 liter V8 fitted instead of the V6 of the standard model, is actually easier to insure, which just goes to show you can’t always predict how hard it will be to insure a particular car just by looking at engine sizes.


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