Flip-Flop Steering Wheels for Street Rods

Street-rods are great. Yet the average street rodder’s version of daily transportation is not as immutable as some of the hard-core traditionalists in the rodder community would have you believe. Sure it has to have original “tin”, or a reasonable fiberglass facsimile, healthy “V-type” power, and nobody has yet put smaller tires on the rear end. Yet the average street rodder cannot help but be influenced by the styling and engineering trends that have emerged from Detroit and even Tokyo over the years. That is even if they will not admit it asily.

Energy Absorbing Safety Columns Are a Wise Upgrade for Street-Rods:

This is not all surprising either. The automobile industry – especially the American “Big Three” GM, Ford & Chrysler still have a lot of good ideas that can be incorporated into street rods. Some rodders will even work with “imports”. As an example of a good idea that can be used to upgrade the rods , consider handsome energy/ absorbing/ tilt steering wheel column found in most American made passenger cars from the late Sixties onwards. Indeed there are more than several types and varieties which include both energy absorbing features, and the tilt and some which just tilt. The choice of course is up to the hobbyist and automobile owner. Yet why not move with the times and get all the inherent benefits.

Energy Absorbing Collapsible Steering Columns Absorb Driver’s Forward Inertia Protecting Them:

The essence of the thinking and planning behind energy absorbing columns for automobiles is that some time ago auto engineers constructed them so that they mechanically to compress under impact – such as what occurs in the seconds immediately following an auto accident or collision. When a vehicle is being driven the forward motion and motion of both the car, Kamiono ,sports utility SUV or van as well as its driver along with the passengers combine and add up to constitute a kind of energy or force. If that automobile is involved in a severe frontal collision, then the primary source (that is the forward movement of said vehicle) us immediately stopped and halted in its tracks. Yet the secondary force (the forward movement of the auto) continues. True one can say that for many years no cars and other vehicles are all equipped with airbags for safety. However in the case of street-rods, their base chassis and underpinning far predate the introduction of this very useful and effective automotive safety appliance.

Seat Belts Will Not Protect Driver’s In a Collision If the Street Rod Has an Older Original Equipment Rigid Type Steering Column Ob-board:

If the driver is thrust forward onto an older pre-safety era original type steering wheel and column, there is no doubt a significant possibility of injury. This is the case even if lap type seat belts are in use and place. Shoulder harness type seat belts true are designed to prevent this. Yet many purists of street rods just cannot take themselves to install them for what ever reasons they have in their minds or personal preferences.

A Collapsible Energy Absorbing Steering Wheel Will Lessen the Driver’s Injuries From Being Thrown Against the Steering Column In an Accident:

However if a car is equipped with an energy absorbing steering column is involved in the same or a similar collision, the column’s job is to compress and its inherent tendency to move rearward into the driver’s compartment is reduced. And, in the split second following the collision when the person behind the steering wheel is thrown by forward energies toward the steering wheel and dashboard their energy is also partially absorbed by the inherent safety workings which are integral to both the design and safety roles of said steering column.

Conclusion: Newer Energy Absorbing Steering Columns Are a Wise Upgrade Choice – First for Safety & Secondly for Driver Comfort:

Hence it can be said for “street rods “ and “street-rodders” that newer style “Flip=Flop energy absorbing steering wheels make a lot of sense – not only for appearances , comfort and luxury but also for road safety.

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