Who Is Getting The Money From That Smartphone Of Yours?

If you have seen the phrase “trillion dollars” associated with the mobile industry, you were not imagining things. The fastest growing industry on the planet is the mobile telecoms industry. But how is all that money being sliced up? Read on to find out who is raking in the dough in mobile here in this quick article.

Who Is Getting The Money From That Smartphone Of Yours?

Money, And Plenty Of It, For Apple

Money, the dream of most of the world, is being circulated in the mobile realm more than in any other market in the world. The money that is being pumped into the mobile revolution is blowing up the incomes of plenty of people. Who is getting the biggest piece of this pie? The results of some of the recent news may sound familiar to you. Apple was recently touted as the most valuable company in the United States. What do they make per iPhone sold? The people at asymco dot com say it is $350 dollars. Put that together with the 4.2 million iPhones sold on just the Verizon Network and you can see Apple is raking it in.

But Look At AT&T

As grand as the Apple situation sounds, AT&T is raking in more per every iPhone smartphone sold. AT&T reports they make $83.46 per customer per month. They have a 29.6 percent gross margin which equals out to around $590 dollars for two years. Most smartphones are kept for two years on average. In other words, AT&T knows that they will make $590 dollars on every new iPhone sold.

The Poor App Developer

Looking at another important quadrant of the mobile revolution, the app developer, we see a striking change. While Apple is making their $350 dollars and AT&T is making their $590, the app developer looks like they are at the bottom of the food chain. An app developer makes a trivial $12 dollars per iOS device sold. They are in the contemptible position of being the group that makes the other groups rich.

The “Best People” Are Not Developers, But They Start Out That Way

This is an ironic situation when such companies as Google say, “Put your best people on mobile.”. True, the mobile expanse is burgeoning, but the “best people” are not going to become a developer if they are truly the “best people”. They are going to get a leg up and start creating their own networks, their own models of smartphones and their own mobile operating systems. The last category may ultimately make them developers, but only for a small period of time.

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