Apple iphone 4s Top Highlights And Features

Finally Apple next generation iPhone rumors about bear a dot on all equipment; There is no iPhone 5 much anticipated tech expertise and users. Apple just launched its new OS platform called iOS 5 with iPhone 4 naming it iPhone 4S; What is the new generation, though. There are no or small changes in the design of the iPhone compare iPhone 4 4S. But Apple gives stunning features, like never before – 8MP camera with HD movie recording capability, Dual Core chip 1080P claiming 2 X faster than previous A5 iPhone 4. The most interesting thing about the iPhone is its price – 64 GB model 4S is available only for $ 399, you think? While you can get the iPhone only costs $ 299 and 32 GB model 4S 16 GB for $ 199 only.

Iphone 4s New Features shortly

Dual Core A5 Chip

8 Megapixel Camera


Calling Features

The call to the playground, at the airport or on a crowded bus can be frustrating if it is not possible, but not with the iPhone. The microphone built into the upper edge uses sophisticated audio technology to suppress the unwanted background noise. And this technology works on everything from the crowd noise and engine sounds with music and loud conversations — even just a few feet away. So the person you are talking, you can hear what you’re saying, not what you are hearing.
Sometimes you want to see who you’re talking, not just hear the voice. With FaceTime, you can smile and wave hi to friends and family when you’re thousands of miles apart. From a contact, tap the button of FaceTime. Call your iPhone or iPod touch, iPad 2 someone else iPhone via Wi-Fi. Or tell SIRI, “FaceTime with the father.” A phone call, you can go also to the FaceTime call. No other phone ensures that much more fun to stay in touch.
Visual voicemail on the iPhone is still the biggest breakthrough in your voice mailbox, because, well, your voice mailbox. Actually allows you to view all new messages, and select the one you want to hear it first — just like email. So instead of listening to them, that have been taken, you can go right to those that are most important to you. To return the call, tap the button to call back.
Contacts app for the iPhone is more than a list of names and numbers. Tap on someone’s address and iPhone opens a map, so you can get directions. You can add photos to your contacts and see their friends ‘ faces when they say that. Flick through your contacts, to do a quick search or tell SIRI’s name and find that person quickly.
After looking at the above elements, we can easily do the ideology that Apple not only brings the best iPhone someday, but also starting a new price war in the Smart phone market. But the actual review is yet to come after the 14th OCT 2011, when the iPhone supplies shall be open for its customers, in our opinion this is the best solution in this session, Apple has its own reputation and despite the failure of the iPhone 4 will be good to see the impact of iPhone on the market for smartphones, stay tuned for more 4S reviews of customers. All the information in this article shall be collected from the website of Apple; all information and features mentioned here are subject to change per the Apple announcement.

A5 double base chip

Apple, the iPhone uses the 4 last and best available for phones smart-A5 processor chip; uses two cores to throw a double and 7 times faster graphics from the previous iPhone processing power. the iPhone is better suited for 3D games as A5 4 s chip moves up to seven times faster graphics. So games runs more smooth and is even more realistic. And graphically intensive apps to perform even better.
the iPhone is fast, flexible, 4 s makes all the difference when you run apps, Web, navigation, gaming and doing everything. And, no matter what you do, you can keep making. Because it is so effective, iOS and chip chip A5 A5 effective to deliver excellent battery 5. If you can keep calls, checking E-mail, surfing the Web, and video playback.

8 megapixel Camera

IPhone 4 s camera gives you an 8 Megapixels – which is pixels of 60 per cent more than the iPhone back 4. You are well, collect the ability to complete more engineering with more light. With more megapixels and more light, you will see a considerable difference in the resolution of your images and your data. Photos to go seek his astonishing everywhere, you can show them to the large – on your iPhone, your computer, or on your HD TV. And you are given a pixel for pixel in as large as 8 × 10 prints.
Great photography is not only about Megapixels – it is on the light, too. All new, leading-edge optical in the work of camera set to ensure that regardless of the light you have, will give you the best possible image. Custom lens uses the five elements in the form of the incoming light, which makes the accuracy of completeness of the sharper image. Greater openness f/2.4 allows in addition to light, the photos look more shiny and better. And advanced hybrid infrared light, so you’ll see the filter IR harmful outside, accurate and consistent color guard.
A5 that the chip is designed with the video signal processor, which is as well as those found in digital reflex cameras. This is how you can use the focus and exposure control. And it is the power behind the zero shutter LAG. Video signal processor makes the camera of the iPhone, so you get all 4 more rapid action, as it is. The camera also uses algorithms advanced for even greater precision in iOS 5 colours, better white balance and a more wide dynamic range. When you see your photos, you see exactly its meaning.
With the new face detection, this is smart enough to know if you take a picture or a group shot. Focuses on the face the most up to 10 faces in a frame and balances through the exhibition. So I’ll certainly capture smiles. And perhaps even a smirk any participation or both.
Think about all these short fun moments you wish you had taken in the film. Now you can open the application of the camera on the right of the screen lock. So when this happen you can seize their fast, fast. Write a blow with the grid lines and the pinch of gestures to zoom in on. The emphasis with a tap. Then, press the volume of a photograph. And suddenly, everything is a photo opportunity.
TAP the HDR and photography. photos of the iPhone for that one shot captures the three 4, each with different levels of exposure. Then film layers create together a photograph, which combines the best parts of each shot. A broad spectrum of light is more specific on the HDR photos. And the camera of the iPhone Roll of photos in your HDR and saves the original. You can clearly see the difference.

IPhone completely changed to 4 s internal camera, so all that you can pull off looks better that you remember. Sensor rear lighting extended and more open to let in more light. Improved automatic balancing white is the color of the even more specific. Temporal noise reduction and helps take you stunning video in low light. If the night is not too dark and the candles look like candles. And you will see faces, places, and important information.

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