So You Want to be a Hair Model?

Many have been on the lookout for ways and means by which to supplement their income, if they are still gainfully employed and a means by which to survive if they have been unfortunate enough to have lost the jobs due to the recent economic breakdown. There are many casting agencies that are in the market for people for all types of modelling work. Most people will land minor roles as extras on a film set and for a select few this could be a jump start to a career in the movies.

So You Want to be a Hair Model?

While everyone has been targeting the extras market many however have not taken the time to explore a niche that will appeal to a select few. The niche in question is hair modelling. The market for hair products and beauty regimes is expanding and therefore inevitably the need for hair models. There is no particular preferred hair type that’s in demand as there market caters to all ethnic groups.

If you currently are in the modelling industry and need an additional stream by which to market yourself, then why not explore this niche. In this field who would be working with high profile stylists, industry professionals as well as the added advantage of increasing your portfolio while being paid.

So you ask how I become a hair model.

So You Want to be a Hair Model?

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

Canvas your local salons, casting agencies as well as hair schools and inform them that you are available as a hair model. Be sure to have photographs with your contact details with you, these can serve as your business card.

Hair Maintenance

Try to grow your hair as long as possible as stylists prefer to work with longer hair. Longer hair also serves as a good base as many different looks can be achieved with longer hair, so think twice before opting to cut off a few centimetres. Try to stay clear of any chemical processes that could damage your hair, these include colouring, bleaching and straightening.

Be careful who you work with

Even though you are trying to enter into the industry you have to be selective about whom you work with. The previous point stated that many stylists prefer to work with longer hair. It would therefore be considered career suicide if during your initial introduction into the industry you where to work with someone who insists on a dramatic cut, style or coloration. Any of these could damage your hair and therefore take you off the market for as long as it takes to get your hair back to its former length or shine.

Before attempting any modelling be sure that you are emotionally strong enough to deal with rejection. Just because you where not selected does not mean that you or your hair is not beautiful, it is merely a indication that you don’t suite the look and feel of the campaign that you are applying to represent.

Nathan is an experienced content writer and fan of grooming. Although he wouldn’t go as far as getting a manicure or waxing, he believes in looking dapper, which is why he considers male baldness inexcusable and tells anyone he can how to stop hair loss.

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