Fashion Footwear Trends

Fashion Footwear Trends

We’ve all done it… bought a pair of shoes or boots because they look fantastic without thought of if this fantastic new footwear is acutally useable for actually walking in!

There’s no doubt that a fashionable looking pair of shoes or boots lifts confidence, makes you feel great about yourself and projects an image, but should we really suffer for looking good?

Footwear Trends Which Damage Feet

Extreme forms of fashion trends such as the bonding of feet in Japan (where an female infants feet would be bound to create shorter, smaller feet) obviously we’re not talking this level of disfigurement, but some modern shoe styling is definitely damaging to the feet as well as other parts of the body.

Leaving aside obvious disfigurement on purpose… some modern footwear trends have the potential for life-long damage to both feet and also to create back, bone and muscle damage. These types of footwear are much more prevalent for women, where high heels are the worst culprits.

The Dangers Of High Heeled Fashion

If you’ve ever looked at the feet of a high heeled shoe wearer, you’ll probably see clear indications of toe and foot damage. This is usually signified by toes which are folded under (especially the smallest toe) with these toes looking as though they have been ‘squashed’ or malformed. This is because high heeled shoes put all of the pressure on the toes and naturally squash the toes into the front of the shoe, creating pressure over long periods of time. This is, of course obvious. What’s not so obvious is the damage that these high heels do to other parts of the body.

Wearing high heeled shoes can also damage the muscles and bones in the legs as the heel distorts the natural gait of the wearer, crushing the lower leg calf muscles and extending the muscles at the front of the leg, putting additional pressure on the knee, ankle and other parts of the body. Long term high heel wearers can also develop back complaints as the disturbed gait created by high heels distorts the back.

So What Can You Do About It?

As with most things in life, practise moderation. Let’s face it… high heels look great, but you should give your body a break now and again. Get a good pair of low heeled comfortable shoes or boots with arch support and wear whenever you can, in the office, when relaxing… infact anywhere you don’t need to be strutting your style! This will give your whole body a break from the stresses and strains of wearing high heels and will minimise any potential damage.

If you’re wondering what type of shoe you should wear, then go for a cushioned sole type – comfortable training shoes or Dr Martens type shoes are good as are any shoes which have some form of arch support. Don’t worry – there are many very stylish low heeled shoes available, especially if you go for the Dr Martens shoes and boots as they have a full range of different styles and colours.

Remember… Stay safe, protect your feet and give your body a break. Wear low heels!

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