Android Os For Computers

Google’s Android platform will run on multiple computing devices. Android is, in essence, a system for mobile devices, especially smartphones, but also portable style and light Tablet netbook. The Android operating system is available free of charge, free, anyone can download the official website and install on your device platform Android Device, you can install applications on Android market, producing a wide range of computational tasks

The Operating System

Google has released several versions of the Android operating system, because it was published first. New versions of the platform has been, to varying degrees, to support different types of equipment. Android apps created by developers as they apply to these applications to devices with specific hardware configurations. Android emulator tools enable developers to test their apps virtual devices, and Smartphones, and Tablet PC computers.


The Android platform is initially focused on Smartphones, various hardware components, and screen sizes. Some of the latest versions of the operating system, in particular, version 3.0, which is called the honeycombs, fit to Tablet PCs. Some manufacturers released Android netbooks, laptops run the light. Each user of the computer, you can install on your computer’s operating system Android


Feature of Android applications and the system itself is mostly similar across device types. User interaction on Android is achieved primarily through touchscreen controls instead of hardware elements such as mice and keyboards. This means that when you are running on a computer without a touchscreen, functions for certain apps can be problematic. In most cases, users can replicate touchscreen interaction by using the mouse. Some Android apps and processes using site tools such as Global Positioning System, which is not normally available on desktop computers, but sometimes is available on tablet PCs.


Most of the versions of the Android platform is open source. This means that developers who download the operating system can view and modify the source code for use in their own projects, providing that their compliance with the terms of this license. Version 3.0 of the platform, designed for Tablet PC computers, it is not open source, but this could change in the future. Project Android open source develops the platform and provide vendors of information that will allow them to design devices that the operating system will be compatible with.

Test runs

Computer users who want to try Android on their desktop computers and laptops should not actually install fully. Many people want to try a new operating system until you make a purchase as a smartphone or a tablet PC, to ensure that they will be comfortable with the system. Android emulator, you can see Android running on a virtual drive in the operating system of the computer. You can download the tools of emulation as the official Android Software Development Kit

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