CoolerMac 1.0-Mac OS X 10.6.7

CoolerMac 1.0 (Mac OS X 10.6.7) | 6.64 GB

This image of hard drive Assembly DMG-! Please do not confuse with the installation disk! This Assembly will allow you to comfortably use the system and a single Mac OS! The Assembly included Office 2011. Complete list of features see below

- For the latest updates for all programs and systems

-Already implemented together for convenient operation interface
-Is the way in which the hard disk (for hakintoshnikov work 60% less, because you have to deploy an image on the hard drive without any installation and problems from installation)
-Sewn licence Office 2011
-Synchronization of loading a page in safari without any delay
-Added the possibility to choose the type of dock (see screenshot)
-It is very easy to install on PC! (Why?) (Read below)!
-Integrating all the add-Web (Flash, java, etc.).
-Improved performance on slower computers
-Integrated utility screenshots now saves in PNG, TIFF formats and not
-The installed drivers for all supported printers
-Utanovlena and configured Rosettaprogram to run programs of powerPC for maximum
-Configure the video driver to work with no new TV via HDMI
-Integrated VCL (standard drive does not work with many video)
-Lacceleration of the entire system
-Limmunity the new defender of Macfalse antivirue, extort money
Installation Method:
Burn DMG in any medium
Start from the installation of Mac OS X disk install
Run the disk of the element of public services
Click the Restore tab
Source: the image and select the DMG, which is recorded on the media
Purposeto make drag and drop from the list on the left of the hard disk for installation
Press to restore
After the end of the restoration of the image, restart the computer and booting from the hard disk

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