Protect Gmail Account With Two Factor Authentication
Thousands of online accounts are kidnapped every day. Let not their next.So i would like to announcement post about Google’s new two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is something you have such as a phone and something you know such as a password. It is that phishing, kidnapped,hijacked or otherwise abused are a big deal, as your account or business two-factor authentication, these accounts are now less likely. It is on Android a nice Google authenticator application, iPhone and BlackBerry is running:

Select the two-factor authentication on Google If you use a computer at all, there is a decent chance you have a Google account. Whether you use Gmail for E-mail, YouTube video content and analytics, to track your website traffic, Google touches many areas of the Internet.Still, your Google account is secured only by a single password. If this password is compromised, is your entire network of Google account no longer sell.To combat this type of scenario, Google recently the availability of two-factor authentication announced. This is your account, which added to a password no second layer of protection.
Use to two-factor authentication, you must have a phone like a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android phone. Calls for primarily two-factor authentication to enter of your normal password but also a unique, change the password, you from your Smartphone with special software.Use 2-step verification to help protect your Google Account even if your password is stolen.

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