Android Watch HD TV

Watch HD TV on Android

Many Android smartphones have built-in TV tuners that allow you to watch live TV. You can subscribe to a satellite TV service for mobile phones or use one of the free applications available on the Android Market website. You need a Google Gmail account to use this service. Then, download application mobile TV to your smartphone Android and start watching live television
Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Android phones. The plug-in allows you to watch videos Flash, animation, games and multimedia content on your phone. The software can be downloaded from the Web site.
Configure and synchronize your Gmail account with your Android phone. Press the “Ana səhifə” icon on the phone and open the application “E-mail”. Selectnexton the pageyour accounts”. Enter your Gmail address and password, and then clicknext”. Create a nickname for your account will appear on your outgoing messages. Էջում `ZRY “Donewhen you have finished
Check your settings in theInboxview TAPMenu”, thenaccount settings”. Check to ensure that theIncoming parametersinformation is defined toIMAP server:, Port: 993 and the type of security: SSL (always)”. “” For school leaverssettings”, the information must be set toSMTP server:, Port: 465, type of security: SSL (always)”. “”
Open the Web browser of your phone. Enterandroid Marketin the search field and press the buttonsearch”. After the loading of the Web page, connect you using your Gmail account. Click thesign Inlink located near the top of the page. Enter your login information in the appropriate fields and click onsign in

Choose a compatible with your Android phone mobile TV application. TypeTVin theSearchfield located near the top of the Web page. On the left side of the Web page, you will see a list of app TV icons. Scroll down until you see an application that you want to install on your phone. Click on theinstallbutton next to the icon.
Follow them on the screen prompts on your phone to install the downloaded APP click on the linklog outon the Android Market page when you are finished.

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