LE Tour de France 2011 XBOX360-ZER0

Le Tour de France 2011 XBOX360-ZER0  

Description: An official product of the tour de France racing series, this wheel game can your drivers, your bike and your racing career while typing bicycle race, the strategy and technology need and manage racing skills and drive. It has 12 official teams and a 2-player racing mode.
Official tour de France license
12 official cycling teams
Manager your drivers, your bike and your career
Arcade racing with crucial elements of strategy
2 Player mode for head to head race

Release name: Le.Tour.de.France. 2011 Xbox360-ZER0

Boy: 6,84 GB
Region: EUR & United States
Naşir: Focus
Developer: Cyanide
Release date: 2011-06-28
Cür: Racing
Dil: MULTI 7

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