Mobile Ads Sneak In On Android Phones

If Carrier IQ was not enough, now ads you never agreed to are popping up on Android. This is something new on the mobile operating system from Google. Start screens are being molested and so is the bar at the bottom of the start screen. Get more information on the intrusion trend here in this quick article.

AirpushPushesAds Onto A Smartphone

Airpush is likely not a company you have heard of, even if you are an Android addict. This company is in charge of a technology that allows programmers to put ads directly in the notification tray of an Android smartphone. Jes, it is true that programmers need to eat like the rest of us, but that is not the point. Some people find games likeZombie Farm”, that even if it is uninstalled, allows the Airpush ads to continue. In one of the many Android forums on the web, these are called nefarious apps. The good news is that there are other programmers who make apps to help get rid of the results of Airpush style apps.

There Are Plenty Of Ad Pushers For Android

But Airpush is just one company. Android is popular enough to have attracted many other companies that do the same thing. They are named Startapp, IAC, Moola Media, Appenda and Leadbolt. Since it seems that none of these companies are going away anytime soon, it means a fed-up Android user has to take things into their own hands. The good news is that the app calledAddons Detectoris already available to do just that. Even better, theAddons Detectorapp is a free download. Another app calledAirpush Detectoris similar to the aforementioned app, but is less effective. Neither of the two block the nagging ads, but they do point to the parts of the smartphone to delete the programs that cause those irritating little monsters.

How Safe Is Your Personal Information?

Is there any personally identifiable information being passed around with Airpush, Leadbolt, or other networks? Not specifically. There are ways to opt out of the Airpush advertising on an Android smartphone. But the solution is about as bad as the problem. Airpush has a web form on the internet where someone who wants to get rid of the nagging ads can do so. The person will need to know the IMEI number of their smartphone and give it to Airpush via the form. If you see a problem with that, you are not alone.

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