Lifesize Develop Video Conferencing App For IOS

Although video calling on the smartphone has been in existence for many years already, the usability has been somewhat limited due to the functionality capabilities of the phones; two of these limitations being the poor hardware and the unreliable internet connections. Improvements in video calling technology means that today we can make high quality video calls from our smartphones. Vast improvements in the hardware have also led to a much better quality of video call. Advances such as the Apple 4S provide the support for enterprise video conferencing software. The latest iPhone models can also support high definition (HD) mobile video conferencing.

The division of Logitech named Lifesize® have announced that its latest video conferencing system can support the iOS 5. This is excellent news for iPhone users as they can use video conferencing on the go. This application is called Lifesize® ClearSea™. This system is interoperable between multiple devices – any video collaboration system that is standards-based can be connected to in a matter of seconds. The server for ClearSea™ can be either virtual machine software or a physical device. Its high definition desktop client works for PC and Mac and the Android and iOS smartphone devices.

Here is just a selection of features that the new ClearSea™ system possesses:-

  1. High definition 1080p natural video with full-motion flow.
  2. Support for Mac OS X and Windows PC’s.
  3. Support for iOS smartphones and Android operating systems.
  4. Can interact with most video sharing supported devices.
  5. Flexible server due to the fact it comes as virtual machine software or as a physical device.
  6. You can connect up to 26 participants in any one call.
  7. With automatic NAT / firewalls inbuilt, your system is fully secure.
  8. Highly effective collaboration tools. With H.239 presentation, real time data sharing is easy. It supports multi-party calling and embedded video function for up to 3 parties. The recording function allows the user to go over the video call at a later date and export the video.

The iOS 5 from Apple allows high quality video conference calling even in HD. The ClearSea™ function allows for the HD video conference calling on those who have upgraded their operating system.  The key features of this application are totally compatible with the iOS 5.

LifeSize® is now the only merchant in the enterprise video conferencing arena that can offer fully interoperable video calling from the meeting room to the PC and Mac as well as to iOS 5 and a large variety of other smartphones and tablets. LifeSize® ClearSea enables the iPhone 4s to become a send-and-receive capable video conference device supporting HD video, as well as crystal-clear audio.

With Lifesize’s acquisition of Miral, it is the only remaining supplier of fully interoperable video conferencing systems. The arrival of the new Apple iOS 5 brought back the belief and confidence that high quality mobile video conferencing was possible. This is only possible through Apple due to the highly advanced technology that has been displayed through its products.

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