The Advantages of an SUV

SUVs have been around for decades. One of the first models to roll out of showrooms was the Chevy Suburban in 1935. Today, almost every manufacturer has at least one SUV in their line-up. If you have been wondering why you would ever want one of these sport utility vehicles, here are just a few of the benefits they have to offer.

The Advantages of an SUV

Passengers and Cargo

With the exception of full-size vans, no other vehicle offers the flexibility for carrying passengers and cargo that an SUV does. Smaller versions, like the Ford Expedition and Dodge Durango, will surrender some cargo space to the third row. However, once the third row folds down or is removed, the cargo space opens up for those big projects you like to tackle around the house. Larger SUVs, like the Suburban, offer a massive cargo area even when the third row seat is in place. The ability to fold seats flat allows these haulers to move large items when needed, while retaining the ability to cart around all the kids and their friends.


When SUVs first hit the market, they weren’t known for their luxurious attributes. Over time, however, that has changed. SUVs now offer all the same amenities as luxury sedans. Luxury SUVs like the Lexus LX feature leather seating, voice-activated navigation, Mark Levinson surround sound and four zones of climate control. If you love the feel of a sunroof and want an entertainment system for the kids, you don’t have to get a minivan. You can find all of those great features in an SUV package that you can feel about driving around town. They are loaded with extra amenities and all the creature comforts you need to keep the family comfortable on short drives around town and long trips to other states.


Minivans may offer loads of cargo space, but they don’t have the power to tow. When you need the horsepower of a truck with the seating capability to hold a large family, only an SUV will do. The Chevy Suburban 1500 can tow nearly 10,000 pounds, allowing it to easily handle large trailers while also comfortably seating the family. The Ford Expedition can handle an impressive 9,000 pounds. The incredibly luxurious Lexus LX also features a higher towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. The power isn’t limited to torque and towing capacity. These vehicles also feature good horsepower for accelerating hard on the road to easily merge with traffic. You won’t enjoy sport car handling, but you will enjoy knowing that the workhorse will take you wherever you need to go in style. Whether you need the extra space for people, pets or cargo, an SUV can deliver. These vehicles feature the luxury you appreciate with the style you demand and the power you need. They are also known for their safety, and new technology makes them more stable and less prone to roll-overs. These vehicles have also enjoyed improved gas mileage over the years. The current models, like the Toyota Highlander, have gas mileage ratings that are comparable to most minivans. If you have been considering making a change to a vehicle with more seating and power, consider the new SUVs that are available on the market for style, flexibility and power.

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