Top Way To Fastly Index Your Site In Google

Google est le premier moteur de recherche sur Internet. Comment votre site répertorié dans l’index de Google vous place dans leurs recherches. Il s’agit d’une étape importante dans l’obtention de votre site vu par d’autres. Pages répertoriées dans l’index de Google sont vus par plus de gens que tout autre moteur de recherche Internet.

Prepare your site for Google spiders. Google spiders scan each page of a Web site and look for the meta tags, key words and the amount of keywords on the page. Check all the links on the pages to ensure they work correctly.
Go to the index of Google add page. There is a link to this page in the section of this article reference.
Enter your site in a box provided. Include the “http://” and a prefix. For example, “http://www.” in the box. Do not enter in all pages or sub areas on the site. The spider found these pages and includes. If you have any other domain names such as or, add these separately.
Type a brief description of the location in the box of comments on this page. It is a description of what the site is or. Add in a few keywords of your site that are very sought after.
Enter the security code that see you on the page. This code tells Google that you are an individual and not a machine used in the site. Google spiders all sites of entry by individuals before they sites spider of entry with the software.

Easy  Find Your Website Google

The a search engines the most used and popular, it is essential to ensure that Google can find your Web site. Google uses a program called “spiders” to “crawl” the Web and add the websites it finds its index. These “spiders” roam billions of Web pages in each cycle.
Evaluating Web pages to ensure that the crawler to find the Google index. Make sure that the names of the pages contain a legible words and hyphen, if more than two words using numbers, or any other type of naming scheme to prevent Google search site.
Please check if your site found in Google by typing “site:” “Google home. This tells you whether the site is included in Google search results.
Add URL address on the “add your URL to Google” Google.
Find web sites that the URL in the link you want to add. Join the Organization content and add it to a site link. Having other sites referring to his, in Google, you can search a web site that is linked to different locations because of the best interests of the entire Internet.
Create a Google Sitemap and submit  Google Webmaster Tools  on the page into account. Site maps are an effective way to show your Web address and send to the Google index. You can create text-based site map, use the sitemap generator Google or discover the many free online automatic generators.
Add a Google News site if it contains content. Go to the Google page in the   Google News (publishers) help.
Create a Google account, if you have a commercial site for a specific location. Go to the Google page in the “business centre”.

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