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For a real online presence you need traffic to your site and many. But not any what traffic died old, you need people who will be interested in what you offer or try to explain. This means that you need targeted traffic. To get targeted traffic, you want people who are already looking for you. For these people, you need a good ranking in search engines. There are a few ways to do so.
What you need is backlinks. Is one of the best ways to find the social bookmarking links. These sites allow you to place your links on them in a public directory. Social book mark sites include sites such as Digg, Delicious, Twitter, stumble, Facebook and many others. Add your links can be time consuming but it is for free targeted traffic you can get.
Another step, you will want to take is video sharing. Have you heard of YouTube? Few people have step heard it and which is a unique source for incredible traffic. The free programs like windows movie maker can help you to implement a short video advertising on your product to post video networks. You can also find businesses that can make videos for you if you prefer. Video sharing sites include also Veoh, Revver, Yahoo Video, Google Video and many others.
Blogging is another way to promote your Web site. From a blog and add a few items, but do not work. You should join blog networks and be sure to do something called Ping your blog might have noticed more quickly. I suggest doing a search for ping and blog networks. You must also have quality content published 3 times a week or more to keep the traffic flow. Be sure to add your blog to directories and RSS feeds.
Another way to get great backlinks is article marketing. By writing and submitting articles to article directories you can get a ton of viral traffic. Article directories allow you to use a box “author.” In this box, you can put your name, company are applied ‘ and the link to your related information. It is one of the best ways to get links because people can use your articles on sites of thier or by publishing both they keep your authors box original form.
You may not time for all this work every day, and that is ok, because there are tools and software out there to help automate things for you. Some free and some you have to pay for. Personally, I use Brute Force SEO for my niche research backlinking and video presentation, work and then I use Unique Article Wizard to submit my articles to directories for me.

Google Backlink

Backlinks provide links to a site to another. These links lead traffic to the website they point to. Large volumes of good backlinks provide large volumes of traffic on the site. A good backlink is a Web site with relevant content to the backlink. Google search backlinks created over a period of time. The quality of the backlinks determines the classification of the Google Web site. Web site developers work hard to continually backlink their Web sites with the use of different strategies.
Read and comment on blogs with similar content to the content on your Web site. Add a link to your website at the bottom of your comment.
Write to the owners of blog with blogs in your niche. Ask if you can write a post guest as links back to your Web site. Write good content for the position of the guest to get readers clicking on the link to your Web site.
Sign up for social bookmarking sites. Download a description and a link to your Web site on these sites.
Create multiple Web sites with content between each other over time. To ensure that all websites have content valid and useful.
Pay Google for ads online that have links pointing to your Web site. It is a quick way to get some backlinks if you need some immediately.

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