5 Great iPad Games to Play

In the app market, you can’t get past the thousands of games that are available for iPad. Even if you’ve made this purchase for business use, it can still be a lot of fun to have a few games on hand when you’ve got a little downtime. Before you go sorting through the endless apps for the best, it helps to do a little research about your options. If you’re looking for addictive, engaging games that will always keep you coming back for more, here are 5 games worth checking out:

5 Great iPad Games to Play

Angry Birds: You can’t talk about iPad apps without mentioning Angry Birds. This game is a sensation with people of all ages, and from all walks of life. There are 105 levels that allow you to slingshot angry birds at a group of green pigs, which you can either hit directly or smash with toppling bricks. This game is definitely worth downloading for anyone.

We Rule GOLD: If you’re a fan of FarmVille and other Facebook games, this is essentially the iPad version. Nature, this game is a lot more intricate and serious than the standard Facebook game, but you can connect with friends, celebrities, and anyone else who is playing to get more out of the game along the way.

GodFinger: This game allows you to act as a god, turning people into your followers and making them work for you. The goal is to create a world that is thriving with people who are doing your bidding, which allows you to level up and get through the game.

Plants vs. Zombies: This game has been around for years, but the iPad version in HD is a lot of fun. Whether you like zombies or not, you will be hooked in no time with this game. You have to choose what to plant and how to use it as the levels increase to keep the zombies out of your home. The variables involved can get pretty tricky, but it definitely keeps the game interesting and makes it worth the investment.

DizzyPad: Making frogs jump from one lily pad to the next might seem like a simple, boring task. Tamen, the game lures you in with its simplicity before creating a world where you are completely deceived by the supposed simple nature of the game. This is one of those games that you’ll play just because you’ve got a vengeance against looking foolish in a game that is supposed to be so simple.

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