Güvenli bir şekilde iPod qoruyun

Güvenli bir şekilde iPod qoruyun



As an iPad owner, you like your device. Unfortunately, thieves love it, çox, but for different reasons. They love your elegant iPad can easily be removed, sold, exploited for lucrative and used data for virtual joyrides. Over time, your iPad will store finally lot of data, including confidential passwords, contact, banking and credit card information. To turn your iPad safe that maintains sensitive personal information hidden from prying eyes, enable its functionality of password in a few simple steps. With a password, you will block also completely the use of your iPad except by you and those allow you.
Clicksettingson your home screen. You will see options on the left navigation bar, and on the right side of the main panel.
Click Select code requires a delay before a password is required. You will see six options to immediately up to four hours. Bear in mind that if you choose one, five or 15 dəqiqə, or just or four hours, a person who uses your iPad that much time to make calls, send e-mails, make purchases in the Internet and peer through the iPad data before hiding in a password. The shorter the latency, the more secure.
Click on the buttonsimple passwordswitchOff”, if you prefer a longer and more complex password using letters and numbers. Type your old-four-digit code in the pop-up window. Then enter your new password and then re-enter when prompted.
Click on the switch, “Photoframeoff “. Your iPad will disable the lock screen slide show of photos in your albums or movies.
Clickdelete dataswitch “Էջում `ZRY”. This indicates your iPad self-erase after 10 attempts password. Attempted password assume that someone with less laudable intentions tries to find its way to unlock the device and avoids to succeed.
Press the sleep/wake button in the upper right of your iPad in standby mode. Press sleep/wake “və ya” Ana səhifə “on your iPad, and then drag the slider to theSlide to unlockon the right. In the Enter password box to confirm the new password settings, enter the password.

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