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The Importance of Clean Engine Oil

Engine motor oil serves a most vital role – or set of roles in the protection of your engine and to give you both long term engine life as well as reliable and economical transportation. Indeed both experienced mechanics, dealership service writers and fleet managers will all advise heartily that the most important thing you can do in servicing and maintaining your vehicle is to change your engine oil regularly – even more often than recommended intervals.

Engine Oil is Always Being Worn Away By Engine Oil Contaminants:

Oil in your engine sump and being circulated through your car, SUV, truck or van’s power plant not only lubricates your engine but as well and importantly removes great amounts of waste heat generated during the gasoline combustion process and processes. Yet while doing its job, it is literally taking the greatest of beatings. The oil is challenged by friction, assaulted by both heat and chemical changes, and contaminated by a myriad of contaminants including soot, water, acids as well as assorted various impurities and grit like materials.

Better Engine Oil Brands Have Additives Added To Help Protect Motor Oils:
Yet to help protect the oil itself, retain its freshness and its intrinsic abilities to play its various roles, higher quality – most costly – commercial engine oils have additives that help to prevent rapid deterioration.

Determining Recommended Oil Change Intervals:
Eventually however even the very best oil, brands and types of lubrication motor oils lose their protective and functional abilities. Therefore change your oil at recommended intervals. How can you determine this? Your owner’s manual (usually in your glove box), or a recommended service schedule may also provide this information. If not check online at the auto makers & manufacturer’s website. Failing that your trusted local mechanic or service tech writer at your local automobile dealership.

Change Oil by Mileage or Time – It Depends on Your Driving Style & Habits:

Sometimes – or a lot of times – it’s best to change even more frequently than is generally recommended. Some motorist does it by time, other miles or km distance. It often comes down to your driving habits and history. If you put on a lot of miles then mileage is your key. If you are the type who only uses their vehicle to drive to the mall and shopping center and perhaps church, placing very few miles distance on engine and auto then go by time. Yet in many cases those with few miles , and stop and go driving – as compared to those who put on a lot of highway and freeway miles where the engine warms and heats up – burning or boiling off water in the engine crankcase , those low volume drivers would be best to change their oil at more frequent times intervals. As a reference point check the owner’s manual for recommended oil change intervals for “severe service”. Severe service is a category of automobile use as typified by short distances, lots of stop and go and idling – as you might find in taxis or police vehicles.


Generally in 2012 most motorists , auto owners and drivers, and even fleet drivers take the engine oil in their motor for granted – seldom ever giving it a though .
This should not be the case. Check your engine oil levels often and regularly and have your engine oil replaced fully on very frequent and regular intervals.

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What Are Your Priorities When Car or Truck Shopping ?

It’s amazing how people get carried away when car or truck shopping.  They get carried away with their egos and often buy – of finance the least practical vehicles for their needs what so ever. How does this occur and how can you prevent it so that at the end of the exercise you drive off the dealership lot or away from the private home where you purchased a good used vehicle, sourced online on Kijji or Craigslist?

     Figure out Your Car Shopping Priorities &Don’t Wait Till Your Car Breaks-down:

First and foremost prepare before you go out or even begin serious auto shopping.  Secondly most people only buy cars only when they are forced to.  If you know that somehow in the upcoming or near future that you are going to have to replace your vehicle – say you are hearing rumbling noises under the hood or from your transmission and you now it’s only a matter of time – then don’t ignore the situation at your peril.  If you need reliable transportation to work to earn your livelihood or for routine errands – then why wait until your vehicle is dead on the tow truck at on your local mechanics garage before you begin your search.  If your vehicle is d.o.a. and you are desperately out on the prowl ( in some one else’s car or truck) , this will certainly not put you in a good position at all for negotiating a great car deal or auto financing terms with the auto salesperson or his “manager”.

Plan Ahead on Paper Your Needs and Budget:

So first of all do your planning for your new car, truck, sports utility vehicle or van beforehand.  Do it on paper.  Figure out your priorities and budget.  Spend some time and energy thinking what are your real concerns and priorities – in addition to reliability and good gas mileage and do this on paper.  You will be amazed that with some thought how priorities seem to “gel out”.  True if you are purchasing a new vehicle – the deals are on the lot not to be ordered from the factory just for you.  Cars on new car dealers’ lots and in inventory often will come already with packages installed. It may be a case then of getting add-ons you really don’t want or need or it may that you get these nice luxuries thrown in for free and no additional cost for you overall.

  Don’t Be Backed in the Corner by Lack of Preparation & Planning:

Secondly do your car shopping ahead of time before you are backed in a corner. It will be a lot more pleasurable, less rushed and you will have the luxury of tie and thought not backed into a corner by timings and the sales process.  Most likely 99.9 % of the time you will also drive off with a much better deal of transportation that you really wanted in your mind’s eye anyways.

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