Zombie Pada Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Sejak diluncurkan pada 2004, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasof Rockstar North entertained video players with its combination of driving cars and third-person shooting game. Located in the West of the fictional State of San Andreas, permainan menawarkan representasi kekerasan urban kontemporer Amerika, which places the player in the role of a rapid criminal driving that can interact with a cast of characters, including the zombies that appear in the game as an optional cheat.
First from a new game file. Note that you must start over to activate the cheat zombie. Don’t forget that you can keep your current game and start a new game on another file, pilih “Startin the main menu, then clickingNew game”.
Navigate to the starting point of theOG Locmissions. Trip to burger shop, and then move your character to theOGicon to begin. Start the missionlife is a beach”, but don’t forget that you can start only this mission between 22-06
Strike a conversation with the DJ, once you have started the missionlife is a beach”. Remember, the DJ are walking to the yellow icon located on the beach. Respond positively to the prompt, and then begin to flee when the DJ asks a dance.
Enable cheatingPedestrians angrywhen you run away. The cheatAngry pedestriansall pedestrians will turn into zombies. Start by pressingDownon your controller, dan kemudian “Upthree times, followed byR2″, “R1″ dan “L2as quickly as possible. Tekan “L2has once more, and then wait while pedestrians turn into zombies try to attack you. Collect as many weapons and armor as possible before the activation of this cheat.
Enable cheatingPedestrians angryfor Xbox by following the same steps as you would on PlayStation, Namun, once you run far the DJ at the beach, pressDownonce, “Upthree times, followed by “Sebuah”, the black of the upper-hand, “R” button and then the white-top button. Click the white-top button once more to enable the zombies.

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