How To Use Roman Number On Your Computer Keyboard

Roman numbers can be used on the computer for various purposes, whether in the outlines, paging or simply effective. You can type the Roman numeral directly as you would any other Word, or you can use online resources for converting Arabic numerals into Roman numerals for you. It is also possible to use a Unicode character to a Roman numeral. In addition, when using text like Microsoft Word processing software, there are a few ways to use Roman numerals.
Numerals can be directly converted to Roman numerals and manually typed in uppercase. Each Roman numeral is equivalent to an Arab number: M is 1000, D is 500, C is 100, L is 50, X 10, V is 5 and I 1. If a lesser figure is written before a higher number, subtract the lower figure. For example, type “IV” to “4.” You can also use a converter online

Roman numerals can also be typed using 2160 217F Unicode characters. To insert a Unicode Roman numeral in a Microsoft Word 2007 document, type the applicable Unicode character and press Alt + X. For example, to insert the character for the Roman numeral “I”, type “2160″ and then press Alt + X. A list of characters Unicode for Roman numerals is linked below

Roman numerals are particularly useful for lists or outlines in word processors. To use Roman numerals in Microsoft Word 2007, go to the “Paragraph” group under the “Home” tab. Click the drop-down arrow on the “Numbering Library” button to create a list with Roman numerals. Click the drop-down arrow on the “Multilevel List” button to create an outline with Roman numerals. Alternately, Word will AutoFormat a list or outline typed manually with Roman numerals.
Roman numerals are also useful for pagination in word processors, such as for introductions or tables of content. To use Roman numerals for page numbers, go to the “Headers and Footers” group under the “Insert” tab. Under the “Page Number” button, choose placement for the page number and then scroll down to choose one of the Roman numerals options. To have use both Arabic and Roman numerals for two groups of pages in one document, add a section break between the two groups by clicking on the “Breaks” button in the “Page Setup” group of the “Insert” tab. You can then repeat the above “Headers and Footers” step for both groups of pages, using Arabic or Roman numerals as desired.

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