Easy To Fix Wireless Connection Error In Windows 7

When you cannot connect to the Internet and receive an Internet connection, sharing error message, start with the simple things that could be wrong and move to the more complex. Internet connection sharing “” refers to the use of a computer in a network to connect to the Internet System. Other computers in the system of share this connection via a wired or wireless router.

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Verify that the modem and router indicator lights are on and that the modem connects to the Internet. If it has no lighting or one or two of the fires are disabled, such as  Transmission  and  Receipt , there is a problem of modem connectivity. Verify that the line for the Internet connection inserts directly into the modem  Line In”, and a line from the modem to the router in the slot that says “Internet”. Lights on the modem, depending on the type, can include  LAN ,  Pass ,  Inbox ,  System  and  power.  Lights on the router can include   Power ,  Internet ,  WLAN  and individual computer connections. Reset the modem or router by accessing the button reset or disabling of the equipment. Wait about a minute before turning equipment back on. This step, called a “reboot cold,” often clears the modem or router problems.
If this does not occur, access the modem or router using Web browser by typing in the bar “″ of addresses, or use the address provided by your manufacturer, which requires no Internet connection for access to the. This brings a screen that provides a “Dépanner Connection” feature, if available. After you have selected “Dépanner Connection”, the modem or router through a series of self tests and provides a screen with the results indicating what must be done. If the lights do not come after these troubleshooting steps, you must contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer, that the problem is with the equipment or the service.

Network Troubleshooter

Use of the 7 Windows “Network Troubleshooter” to find the connection problem. Open the “network troubleshooting” after having received your “Internet connection sharing” message by clicking on “Diagnosis” or “Troubleshooting” on the screen. The other option is to right click on the “Network connection” icon in the taskbar and selecting “troubleshooting problems”. Follow the instructions in “Wizard” on the screen. The wizard runs through a series of steps and provides a list of potential problems and asks you to select the problem as a of your system. The wizard of the system will offer solutions to correct the problem, or fixed the problem automatically, depending on the nature of the problem. Then, it will provide a screen to allow you to verify if the issue is resolved.

Internet Connection

If the modem and the router are operational, the problem may be how the Internet connection is configured on your computer. Delete the existing connection by clicking “Internet connection,” in the “network and sharing Center” and selecting “Delete” on the shortcut menu that appears. After removing the connection from the “network and sharing Center” accessible through the “Control Panel”, double-click “To connect to the Internet” and follow the steps in the “Internet Connection” Wizard.

Internet connection sharinghttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yjrz6G7sUqM/TY9dOozWFSI/AAAAAAAAB3c/ipx8vwfOEPk/s1600/Microsoft-Windows-7-Network-and-Sharing-center.jpg

Verify that the host computer has “Internet connection sharing” enabled. On the computer Windows 7, access “Network connections”, by clicking on “Start”, then “Control Panel”. Type “map” in the search box, and then once the “network and sharing Center” opens, click on the “view network connections.” Select the connection that you want to share by right click on it and select “Properties”. If you are not signed as an administrator, you must type the password in. Select the “Sharing” tab and choose “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection,” by clicking on the box.


Each computer must network settings correctly configured when connecting to the Internet via another gateway or computer. On individual computers in the network, open “Internet Options”, by accessing the “Control Panel” feature on the computer. Select “Connections” and select never “establish connection.” Select “LAN settings” and in the dialog box that pops up, less “Configuration automatically, clear the”automatically detect settings”and”use automatic configuration script”check boxes so that they are not checked.” In the “Proxy Server,” also clear the “use a Proxy Server” box and click “OK”.

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