Sunday, 8 January 2017

    Send kisses to a loved one via iPhone

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    Every now and then, another gadget comes along that tries to add a human touch to bare, cold metal. The Kissenger is a "kiss messenger" that promises to replicate your kiss to a paired device, that will kiss the recipient for you.

    The gadget looks like a large phone dock with a silicone pad in front. You kiss the pad, which registers the pressure of your kiss to the app. The recipient can then press his or her gadget to the lips or cheek, while motors under the silicone pad push out your "kiss." Kind of.

    The iPhone Accessory That Lets You Kiss A Long-Distance Lover Over The Internet You can’t taste or smell things, through a smartphone but very soon you’ll be able to kiss someone. Oh yes! Thanks to a pretty weird looking device called the Kissenger that hooks up to your iPhone for virtual....

    It's unclear if the older Kissenger ever got made. Created out of a research lab at the Singapore National University, the gadget's site only shows some information about it without including instructions how to order, and its last tweet was made in October, 2015.

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