9 Simple Self-Defense Techniques for Females

After the lockdown ends, you have also got plans like everybody. A night out with your best buddies, a small picnic with your cousin, and a movie night with your parents— you have got all that sorted and ready.

But, as a woman, you have got concerns too. You have to again start dealing with those stares at nights, the comments on your way back home, and the weird vibes in the crowd. No matter where you live, there is always fear and anxiety that comes with stepping out alone.

And it doesn’t have to necessarily be like that.

So how can you eliminate this anxiety when stepping out alone? Taking a martial arts class or anything of that sort can be time-consuming. Still, you can learn 9 simple yet effective self-defense techniques that can help you when you are under threat of any sort.

Read on to find the best 9 simple yet effective self-defense techniques for students as well as for women in general. We will break down all these self-defense techniques steps by step for your easy understanding. And don’t worry, there are no hard and fast rules or any self-defense laws that will crack you up; all these moves are easy to follow and simple to learn.

So let us dive into this.

Groin Kick:

Groin Kick is a famous kick among the self-defense techniques. Unlike the hammer strike, to perform groin kick, you don’t need any equipment. Here, you have to use your body as the shield to save you. To deliver the kick, lift the dominant leg off the ground, drive the hip forward, and forcefully kick on the attacker’s groin area with your lower shin.

It’s best to perform groin kick when the attacker is coming at you from the front.

Heel Palm Strike:

Heel Palm strike is another type of self-defense technique that has to be performed wisely. While performing the heel Palm strike, your aim should be damaging the nose or throat of the target.

To deliver heel Palm strike effectively, you have to get close to the target as close as possible. And with fist flexed backward and finger pointed forward, land a strike on the face of the attacker. Make sure the fingers don’t make contact during the strike.

Elbow Strike:

Elbow Strike is usually performed when you don’t have enough space to generate momentum to defend the attacker. If you are in close range of the attacker, you can go for an elbow strike which will force the attacker to loosen the grip. Elbow kick is easy to execute. Bend your arm to bring the elbow up and with force strike into your attacker’s jawline, neck, or chin.

Knee Kick:

Knee kick helps you learn self-defense technique pressure points. If the attacker is too close to you and if your hands are blocked, it is better to throw a knee kick on the attacker groin area. But, make sure that you use your bony tip of the knee, not the thigh for knee kick.

Knee kick will be only effective when you use the bony tip of the area to hit the target. Also, land the kick on the attacker’s pressure point such as the groin area.

Straight Punch:

The straight punch is a common power punch used in most martial arts. With your dominant leg forward and the elbows in, come to a comfortable position and get ready to throw the straight punch. Then using the momentum, throw the straight punch with your dominant hand.

To exert maximum force, aim at the opponent’s behind instead of his face. Depending on the impact of your first straight punch, you can decide whether to throw one or more straight punches to safeguard you from the situation.

Bear hug defense:

If the attacker is coming from behind trying to bear hug you, you have to use this self- defense technique to escape from the target’s hands. Bear hug attack is a common type of move used by a male when attacking a woman from behind. However, there is an easy way to free from the target.

Without becoming panic, focus on getting low as possible toward the ground. Then, bring his one leg forward. This will destabilize him causing him to drop back on his head. If you find it difficult to execute, there is another way of going about it. As you are squatting as low as possible, throw elbow strikes from side to side. Those strikes will give you full space to turn toward him and also give you enough time to throw straight punches or groin kick.

Escape from Side headlock:

Side headlock is another common attack method used to choke the victim. When the attacker puts his arm around your head to choke you, turn into the attacker’s side as much as possible to avoid getting choked. Subsequently, as you escape from choking, strike the groin area with open hands.

And once you have disengaged from the side headlock, you can either deliver a knee kick or groin kick to further damage him.

Hands Trapped Defense:

Hands Trapped is similar to bear hug defense. However, you can’t move out that freely. Because, in hands trapped, you can’t squat down easily and there are chances of attacker going higher into a headlock. So, what you can do instantly when you are hands trapped is shifting your hips to one side so that you get the opening to strike the groin area. After you have disengaged the attacker, you can deliver a knee knick and that can make the attacker disorienting.

Hammer Strike:

Performing a hammer strike is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself. All you have to do is carry a key with you. It can be a house key or a car key—whatever that has a sharp edge. When you are confronting the attacker, have the keys stick out from the bottom side of your fist, and strike the target vigorously. Try to deliver at a medium pace so that it will cause untold damage to the attacker.

Believe in Yourself

These are the best 9 basic moves of self-defense that you can apply when confronting an attacker. However, you can only perform these self-defense techniques when you are confident enough to face your opponent. So start believing in yourself and learn these simple yet effective self-defense techniques that can prepare you for any kind of threat.

So what you are waiting for? Start practicing today and walk the streets like the next Mary Kom…

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